Производство и търговия на ластици, ластични дантели за луксозно мъжко, дамско и детско бельо "Lastex" L.t.d. is a manufacturer of High-Quality Elastic Tapes for women and men Underwear and Sportswear. In the list of our clients we've got a leader companies of European market, manufaturers of High-Quality Underwear and Sportswear. For our success Work we use an Equipment of "Comez" Company. For our Production we're using EPS of "Bayer" Company. Our 6 years in international market is a guaranties of our Production Qualty! For Samples Catalogue, contact our office by tel., fax or e-mail, and you will get it by Post in a few days! E-mail: [email protected] ; [email protected]

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гр. Каварна, ул. Стефан Караджа 31 А
Каварна, Добрич

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